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Turn of the Century Home, The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago

January 16, 1994

This exhibition focused on the resurgence of innovative single family home designs by 48 Chicagoland architects-- including ZED Architects.

The excerpt from the book reads, "The form of the house expands beyond its rectilinear structure. Two projecting bays provide clerestories of west light to the living room and east light to the bedroom. In these rooms, the windows on all four faces provide an unlikely urban setting... No fewer than ten colors are used to deny this small house its simplicity and urbanity."

Swings and Markers

November 02, 2015

At a community-commercial event, ZED Architects provided two creative stations for kids. Installing public swings for community use allowed children and adults to inhabit the public space of the commercial district for a day. A Build-Your-Own City activity engaged children in the drawing of imagined buildings for arrangement in their own city designs.

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Educational Outreach
Cubes and Spheres

Cubes and Spheres

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